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Exceptional quality of results


Low pressure threshold captors provide unmatched precision for children gait analysis and diabetic foot assessment

Wide Dynamic Range of Measurements

No captor overload even for high pressure values

Precision and Homogeneity

WIN-POD: the Bench mark in podometry

Designed according to professional requirements

-WIN-POD is a technology measurement device which contributes to an accurate diagnosis

Always one step ahead

-WIN-POD is the result of more than 23 years of joint effort with foot experts

Advanced technology

-new generation of calibrated extra thin sensors- Unprecedented precison and measurement quality- USB electronics


Direct connection to portable computers- No gait lab is necessary

State of the art design

-our expertise allows us to fit performance into purity of design

Medicapteurs Excellence:

The dynamic measurement of our captors, which is the difference between the lowest and the highest detectable pressure is unmatched. In comparison, "low grade" devices clearly show early pressure overloads of the captors during dynamic analysis (demonstrated by oversized red areas on the foot pressure map) whereas our captors allow to visualize minute pressures from only 10's grams/cm² to high pressures of several kilos/cm².

Win-Pod Software


Power and ergonomic design

The last redesigned WIN-POD software,  is the result of Medicapteurs' 27 years of experience in developing specific software for the field of podiatry.

While being user friendly, the WIN-POD  software provides the latest tools for podometry data analysis (such as multi steps acquisition, analysis per foot area, "impulse" mapping, and video) and expand your report presentation (personalized report, message editing, emailing, inserting pictures...).

Static analysis

  • static Foot pressure mapping with calculation in foot areas

  • multiple visualization modes (thermographic, isopressure, percentage, 3D...)

  • exams comparisons

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Dynamic analysis

  • multiple steps acquisition

  • recording up to 200 images/second

  • global dynamic image, calculations, and graphs

  • mosaic view of foot pressure distributions during the gait cycle, analysis per area

  • multiple parameters to assess the evolution of loading forces on the foot

  • video

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Postural analysis

  • numeric and graphic analysis of stabilometry parameters

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Report and notes

  • scale 1:1 printing

  • personalized report

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