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Podometry or baropodometry

plantar pressure



is the study of static and dynamic foot pressures or plantar pressure using a foot pressure plate. When the foot contact the sensors, a foot presure map is instantanuously generated. The signal produced by the activation of the sensors is recorded and assessed in order to produce an image where the different pressures are converted in different color shades.

Our baropodometry software allows:

  • Improved clinical services

Electronic podometry provides objective parameters for foot biomechanical analyis and diagnositic reasoning.

The “visual” foot pressure mapping facilitates communication and follow ups with patients and prescribing providers.

  • Improved patient retention

It is a necessary tool to quantify the improvement of patient’s condition.

Impressive objective measurements leads to better patient understanding and retention.

  • Improved time management

The easy to use software and easy to access patient database and foot pressure mapping recordings allow to save time in patient management during consultations.

You are : podiatrist – physical therapist – osteopath – orthopedic physician – Sports physician – rehabilitation expert – rhumatologist – geriatric physician… :


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