Medicapteurs Podologie, Posturologie et Rééducation, foot pressure plates


Posturology is the study of upright balance controled by the postural system which relies on the eye, internal ear, proprioceptive, and the foot input which is essential in the balance mechanism.

Our Posture analysis software allow to:

  • Analyse static and dynamic postural behaviors
  • Provide objective description of postural behaviors withncalculations and measurements of stabilometry recordings
  • Establish documentation for postural assessments
  • Identify the caracteristics of postural conditions
  • Guide the diagnostic process
  • Maximize treatment outcomes
  • Control and improves the effects of treatment on the patient’s posture (orthotics, orthoplastics, prosthesis, occlusion guards, manipulations, care…)
  • Communicate with patients and other health care providers

Are you a: Podiatrist – Physical Therapist – Osteopath – Orthopractic clinician – Psychiatrist and Sports Medicine physician – Rheumatologist – Dentist (Occlusion) – Orthodontist – Nose & Ear doctor – Vestibular rehab specialist – Ophthalmologist – Orthotist – Neurologist – Geriatric physician – Pschychatrist – Neuroscience expert…

Medicapteurs proposes the following platforms and software: