Medicapteurs Podologie, Posturologie et Rééducation, foot pressure plates


Rehabilitation includes techniques designed to assist, help and reduce patient deficiencies and disabilities related to orthostatic balance

You are : physical therapist – orthopedic clinician – sports medecine physician – rehabilitation expert etc … :

Our rehab Physioplay software allows you to:


  • Provide optimal reorganization of the patient’s posturo dynamic potentiel through visio-postural biofeedback
  • Practice virtual exercises with established parameters which can be adjusted according to the patient progression throughout the rehabilitation process
  • Access established exercise levels and easily create your own levels of difficulty

  • “Physioplay pack” includes a pressure plate and the rehab software.
  • Physioplay software” for already owner of Medicapteurs plate :  Winpod, Wintrack, Wintrack mini, Fusyo, Win-posturo or S/T-Plate