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Diabetes and foot pressure plate

  • In 2014 the global prevalence of diabetes among adults has risen to 8.5%.
  • Today more than 450 millions people in the world live with diabetes.
  • Diabetes is a major cause of lower limb amputation due to ulcers.
  • 25% of diabetic people will get ulcers, 85% of total amputations are diabetics.


10 days diabetic foot evolution                                                             Diabetic toes amputations                                                          pressure mapping


  • MEDICAPTEURS foot pressure plate is the most powerful tool to detect, prevent early diabetics foot deseases such ulcers and foot amputation.
  • Diabetic foot shows increased forefoot and metatarsal pressures peaks regarding healthy foot.


Ulcers                                                                        High peaks on fore foot                                                    Insole pressure offload


  • Medicapteurs softwares automatically display overloads and helps foot professionnals to offload the foot using insole or orthopedic.
  • Plantar pressure plate mapping will also help to validate the treatment and detect potential patient risk .
  • Diabetic foot scientific published works use Medicapteurs pressure plate, check list here