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Diabetes and foot pressure plate


Diabetic foot evaluation and ulcers risk prediction


MEDICAPTEURS foot pressure plates are powerful devices to detect/prevent :


Ulcers –  Foot amputation




Diabetic foot shows increased forefoot and metatarsal pressures peaks regarding healthy foot.

Modeling an efficient insole will reduce pressure on the front foot  


All our softwares onboard a complete and easy to use diabetic foot evaluation


No need to be a doctor, we calculate and display automatically :

The level of risk of ulcers/amputation

Risky zones on the foot to focus on


Diabetic foot index has been published by Prof David Armstrong :

Professor of Surgery and Director, SALSA, Keck School of Medicine of University of Southern


  • Medicapteurs softwares automatically display overloads and helps foot professionnals to offload the foot pressures using insole or orthosis.
  • Plantar pressure plate will also help to validate the treatment and detect potential patient risk .
  • Click below to check Diabetic foot published studies using Medicapteurs foot pressure plates :