Medicapteurs Podologie, Posturologie et Rééducation, foot pressure plates


Medicapteurs is the European leader in the design and manufacturing of platforms for podiatry, posturology and biomechanics.

More than 30 years in its field of expertise. Born from the connection between research and high technologies (LAAS/CNRS), Medicapteurs was founded for the purpose of creating applications from research data on tactile captors know as “artificial skin”. Since then the company has designed and manufactured technology equipments for foot clinicians, orthotics manufacturer, and shoe ware professionals.



A complete line of evolving products. The company always develops products for the medical field as well as the fields of orthotics & shoes design, retailing and distribution. Win-Pod, Win-Posture, Fusyo, Win-Track… and their associated software are constantly improved to match the expectations of our clients.

World renowned quality and reliability. Since 1988, Medicapteurs benefits from the prestigious DEKRA certification for “medical devices for functional measurements” for final testing assessment prior to market release. With more than 5000 installed systems around the world, Medicapteurs is the leading partner for normalized platforms looking ahead at a bright future.


carte_clientA world class establishment and reputation. With distribution networks in Europe, the Americas, and Asia, Medicapteurs has three locations: Toulouse, Nice and Atlanta. The close partnerships with European podiatry schools and medical universities provide our Research and Development department with continuous access to new technologies and information for improving the performance of our software and the quality of the manufacturing components for the satisfaction of our clients…

Medicapteurs, quality products: first and foremost.