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T-PLATE 30th

T-Plate30th : the advanced T-Plate, a big active area foot pressure plate

T-Plate30 add 50% more activ area and a full option software to the standard  best seller T-Plate.


T-Plate30 introduces advanced software options such as :

  • Research parameters and graphs
  • Specific diabetic visualization
  • FPI international foot norm
  • CPEI : Automatic foot pattern detection : pronation, supinator, neutral foot…

Mechanical Features
Size (Lenght / Width / Height) 710x610x22 mm
Thickness 8 mm
Weight 3,6 kg
Material Plexyglas
Electronic Features
Sensing area 500 mm * 500 mm
Sensors Resistive
Sensors size 0.78 mm * 0.78 mm
Number of sensors 4096
Acceptable temperature from 0 °C to + 60 ° C
Min to Max pressure per sensor from 0,4 N to 100 N
Sampling rate 100 Hz / 150Hz Wifi
Plateform computer interface USB or Wifi
Power supply USB wire / Lith battery
Required operation system Windows Seven, 8,10


T-Plate30 is available in 2 models : T-Plate30 wire or T-Plate30 WIFI


Carrying bag


  • T-Plate30th software

  • Static mapping with center of pressure, Max, Average pressure calculations and weight distribution pattern
  • Wide range of display (Thermographic, Isopressure, 3D…)
  • Measuring possibilities (length, angle, pressure, area…)
  • 1:1 printing report

  • Movie and frame by frame mode
  • Global Dynamic view
  • Gait line Display
  • Calculations and curves

  • Statokinesigram and Stabilogram
  • Instability International parameters
  • (Altuglass positioner in option)

  • Autosynchronization between pressure and video
  • angle and length measuring tool