Medicapteurs Podologie, Posturologie et Rééducation, foot pressure plates


Stabilometry and postural rehabilitation platform

WIN-POSTURE, the fundamental technology for the posturology clinician:

  • Postural assessment
  • Analysis of stability and balance dysfunctions
  • Therapeutic monitoring with a new 40 hz/16b platform
  • New design with improvement sturdiness and performance
  • Extra thin platform
  • Data acquisition and precision from 5Hz to 40 Hz
  • USB connection
  • Optional board for dynamic balance
  • New software versions: WinPosture NV and WinTrainer NV, providing one system with multiple objectives

Analysis of static and dynamic postural behavior

  • Providing objective and quantifiable postural parameters through the analysis of stabilometry data
  • Etablishing a detail postural report
  • Assessing the postural patient
  • Facilitating the diagnostic process

Validating treatment and postural outcomes

  • Monitoring and improving treatment outcomes on patient posture (corrective orthotics, orthopedic supports, prosthesis, bite guards, manipulations, care…)
  • Improving patient communication and interaction with other clinicians

A high performance platform

High precision and reliable measuring instrument

  • Extra thin platform
  • 16 bits electroncs allowing reliable recordings at 40Hz
  • Direct USB platform to computer connection
  • Perfect linearity
  • Very high sensitivity level

A normalized platform

EC Dekra certified according to European guidelines 93/42 appendix VI

  • Normalized data according to the A.F.P. (todays known as AFP85 /SOFPEL.: French Postural  Association)
  • MEDICAPTEURS is a member of the AFP.
  • Systematic integration of the latest information validated by AFP.

Mechanical Features
Siez (Lenght * Width * Height) 530 * 460 * 35 mm
Thickness 12 mm
Weight 7,8 kg
Material Aluminium AU4G
Electronic Features
Maximal load  400 pounds
Non linearity < 0,2 %
Resolution 900 points/kg
Hysteresis < 0,2 %
Sampling rate Adjustable from 5 Hz to 40 Hz
Analogic / Digital conversion 16 bits
Plateform computer interface USB
Power supply USB cable
Required operating systme Windows XP, Vista, Seven

Dynamic balance board

Transportation suitcase


Win-Posturo NV software

Posturology is the study of the upright balance regulated by the postural system which relies on the eye, the internal ear, proprioception and the foot, known as the podal input, playing an important role in the system.

  • incomparable user-friendliness and ergonomic
  • easy management and creation of acquisition protocols
  • norms and referential parameters definitions
  • access to all AFP85 normalized stabilometry data
  • new optional functions developed from the latest scientific information (wave, fractal, and diffusion analysis, …)
  • exams comparison
  • multiple views of stabilometry results

  • Printing personalized patient reports
  • Direct export of data to Excel
  • Editing reports
  • Emailing

Win-Trainer NV software

Flexibility of a rehabiliation sofware with parameters

  • New rehabilitation and therapeutic using visuo postural biofeedback
  • Game like exercises with multiple difficulty levels selected by the clinician according to the patient rehabilitation progress
  • Exercise parameters can be easily modified to match patients clinical needs
  • Optimum ergononic design
  • Emailing