Medicapteurs Podologie, Posturologie et Rééducation, foot pressure plates


Wireless embedded sensor system

The best-performing/value for money in-shoe pressure analysis solution on the market enabling the most realistic
assessment of foot pressures
More than three years' development time was required to design this innovative product consisting of two ultra-lightweight units (50 g),
each controlling nine ultra-thin, calibrated sensors.
WINSHOE is the ideal technological solution for real time analysis of the pressure on targeted zones. Sensors can be
positioned freely on the foot, on the sole, or any part of the shoe/boot to measure a pressure contact.

Light and small devices

  • 100 Hz Acquisition
  • automatic synchro of the two bluetooth boxes
  • Fast USB charge (1h30)
  • Full charge battery allow 5 hors of measurement
  • Simple clip attach to shoelaces or straps

High-precision pressure sensors

  • 9  ultra-thin, calibrated sensors
  • free postionning
  • Guaranteed for 1 million uses, validated on test bench

Dimensions 65* 46,5 * 18,3 mm
Weight 50 g
électronic data
Sensor active surface area diameter 12 mm
Type of sensors
calibrated HD résistives sensors
Sensor thickness 0,5 mm
Number of sensors 9 sensors per unit
Min/Max pressure per sensor 0,1 KgF to 8 kgF
Acquisition frequency 100 Hz
PC/unit interface Bluetooth
Power supply charge USB
Required Operating System Seven, 8, 10 or  smartphone :Android 5 minimum

W-INSHOE software is linked with all Medicapteurs plates or walk way.

Download W-INSHOE Brochure

W-inshoe software

A user friendly software for Windows PC  or  Android Smartphone

  • Acquisition and real time 3D visualisation
  • Data upload from smarpthone to main PC software

  • patient data and database shared with all Medicapteurs device
  • user friendly creation of sensors positionning models

  •  Detailed acquisition analysis: displays the pressures, activation times and each of the sensors' impulses
  •  Right foot / Left foot comparison
  •  Sensor barycenter (COP)
  •  Automatic Step detection
  •  Comparison of sensor values/graphics between several recordings
  •  One click button report editing.

  • Android smartphone or tablet software
  • record from your smatphone, vizualize results and choose data to upload (USB) to the PC software

Associated Product : W-INSHOE “easy” insoles ready to insert in the shoe for a very quick exam