Medicapteurs Podologie, Posturologie et Rééducation, foot pressure plates


W-INSHOE “easy” focuses on very quick inshoe pressure exam time.

Sensors are composed of 4 pairs of 8 preplaced sensors positionned on the key points of the foot

W-INSHOE “easy” device  is focus on the quickness of inshoe pressure measurement under the foot. It is the solution for a quick and reliable test of your insole,

shoe on real conditions or at the clinic.

  • light
  • 4 pairs of 8 preplaced sensors positionned on the key points of the foot (foot size 35 to 46)
  • CE medical device certified
  • Max pressure : 8kg/cm²
  • Bluetooth  PC or Android smartphone connection

Light and and movement free boxes

  • 100 Hz Acquisition
  • automatic synchro of the two bluetooth boxes
  • Fast USB charge (1h30)
  • Full charge battery allow 5 hours of measurement
  • Simple clip attach to shoelaces or straps


High-precision pressure sensors

  • 8  ultra-thin, calibrated sensors
  • very strong and reliable sensors
  • Guaranteed for 1 million uses, validated on test bench


Dimensions 65* 46,5 * 18,3 mm
Weight 50 g
électronic data
Sensor active surface area 12 mm
Type of sensors
calibrated HD résistives sensors
Sensor thickness 0,5 mm
Number of sensors 8 sensors per insole
Min/Max pressure per sensor 0,1 KgF to 8 kgF
Acquisition frequency 100 Hz
PC/unit interface Bluetooth
Power supply charge USB
Required Operating System Seven, 8, 10 or smartphone :Android 5 minimum


W-INSHOE software is linked and share all Medicapteurs software

W-inshoe software

A user friendly software for Windows PC  or  Android Smartphone

  • Acquisition and real time 3D visualisation
  • Data upload from smarpthone to main PC software

  • patient data and database shared with all Medicapteurs device
  • user friendly creation of sensors positionning models

  •  Detailed acquisition analysis: displays the pressures, activation times and each of the sensors' impulses
  •  Right foot / Left foot comparison
  •  Sensor barycenter (COP)
  •  Automatic Step detection
  •  Comparison of sensor values/graphics between several recordings
  •  One click button report editing.


  • Android smartphone or tablet software
  • record from your smatphone, vizualize results and choose data to upload (USB) to the PC software