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The foot pressure track, a long foot pressure plate

Win-Track “Mini” : the little sister of Win-track walkway (one meter length)

Thanks to more than 2 years of research and development, our single unit structure reduces the complexity of the modular concept (connection of multiple podometry platforms).

Performance and reliability

Our 30 years of experience in the design and manufacturing of resistive sensor technology enable us to provide a state-of-the-art system with an unmatched quality of performance, the innovative body of the Win-Track mini provides a solid, rigid and light plexy structure.

A high performance motion analysis

The 8192 sensors on the Win-Track “Mini” register foot pressure at a sampling rate up to 200 images per second during stance, walking, gait, or specific activities (sport movements, postural sequences…)

More than pedobarography:

The software allows synchronization of Win-Track mini measurements with other diagnostic tools. The clinician can visualize simultaneously foot pressure evolution, videos images, and link with other medical devices such as EMG,

Mechanical Features
Size (Lenght / Width / Height) 1115 * 652 * 30 mm
Thickness 9 mm
Weight 11,8 kg
Material Composite
Electronic Features
Sensing area 1000 * 500 mm
Maximal load 300 kg
Sensors Resistive HD
Sensors size 7,8 * 7,8 mm
Sensors thickness 3 mm
Number of sensors 8192
Acceptable temperature from 0 °C to + 85 ° C
Min to Max pressure per sensor from 0,4 N to 100 N
Sampling rate Up to 200 images / second
Plateform computer interface USB
Power supply USB cable
Required operation system Windows Seven,8,10

Transport bag

Win-Track “Mini” Software

The Win-Track software offers all tools to display and analyze your patients foot pressure and gait pattern, including space-time calculations.

  • Roll-off animation
  • Global dynamic picture, calculations and graphs
  • Simultaneous displays of each step
  • Calculation of space-time parameters
  • Multiple characteristics of gait timing
  • Video , automatic pressure and video synchronization with a camera (webcam, digital camera)
  • Foot pressure mapping and timing of the stance phase and complete time/pressure analysis
  • Medio-lateral analysis

  • Foot pressure mapping with calculation per area
  • Multiple visualization options
  • Scale 1/1 printing
  • Exams comparisons

  • Numerical and graphic analysis of stabilometry parameters
  • Continuing or step by step analysis and mapping of the centers of pressure evolutions
  • Romberg quotient calculation
  • Live display